Cook Islands confirmed for next Survivor, will feature another Exile Island

At the conclusion of Survivor Panama, Jeff Probst confirmed what we already knew: the next season will be filmed in the South Pacific region known as the Cook Islands.

Jeff Probst said the next season would debut “this fall,” but offered little about any twists. He did say, however, that the twist introduced during the 12th season will survive: Exile Island. Perhaps because the hidden immunity idol was never played in the most dramatic way possible, or perhaps just because it’s fun to throw someone away for a few days, Jeff said that “Exile Island will return with new twists.”

Right before he signed off, Jeff noted that he’d see us next season, adding, “we always appreciate your loyal support.” If Donald Trump had said that, it would have seemed a lot more desperate, but since he’s Jeff Probst, it just came across as an acknowledgment of the audience that keeps the show number one in its time slot, even if it is no longer a top 10 contender.