Supernova calls Rock Star 2’s planned new group Supernova a “poseur”

CBS’s announcement that a new band named Supernova would be formed on Rock Star 2 was surprising to some people because a band named Supernova already exists.

Reviewing the group’s 2000 record Pop As a Weapon, an All Music Guide reviewer said “the Orange County trio ranks as one of the most underrated acts of the ’90s.” They’re apparently so underrated that no one, including the producers of the show, has heard of them before.

The band isn’t exactly fighting back, but they aren’t happy, either. On the band’s MySpace page, there isn’t a lot of information, but there is this statement about the show:

“If you are looking for the CBS Rockstar reality tv show group that has announced plans to invent a band called ‘supernova,’ sorry but you have come to the wrong place. Maybe you can find them at “”

Supernova [MySpace]
Supernova [All Music Guide]