Project Runway 3 starts filming soon; Vera Wang will serve as a guest judge; Tim talks about auditions

Although its July 12 debut is just over two months away now, Project Runway 3 is only now about to begin production.

New York Magazine interviews Mood Fabrics’ Eric Sauma, who says the show is “back on May 20 to shoot season three.” That’s Saturday, although it’s not clear whether the show is visiting Mood that day or starting production this weekend. If you see the designers frantically searching for fabric in Mood or wandering around elsewhere in New York City, let me know.

Meanwhile, Women’s Wear Daily reported earlier this week that designer Vera Wang “fills in for [judge Michael] Kors for a few episodes of” this new season.

And everyone’s favorite cast member, mentor Tim Gunn, reveals some news on his Bravo blog. Sitting in on the season three auditions were Project Runway 2 cast members Chloe Dao (Miami), Santino Rice (LA), Nick Verreos (Chicago), and Daniel Vosovic (New York). He and dishes on some of the crazier auditions, such as a man in New York who recruited a Macy’s employee to model his clothes, and tried to undress her in front of the cameras. Tim yelled at him, “Stop! You’re being disrespectful of your model and all of us in this room. Just GET OUT! NOW!”

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