Aaron and Nick Carter get their own E! show because Nick wanted to bring his siblings together

E! has signed Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his brother Aaron for a new reality show. The Carters will also feature Aaron and Nick’s three sisters, but let’s be honest: it’s those two trainwrecks that’ll keep people tuning in. From Nick beating up Paris Hilton to Nick hitting his brother, there should be plenty of drama.

The series will be eight half-hour episodes, and watches as the five siblings “live together, work and plan their futures. For the past decade, the siblings have been living disparate lives, and Nick Carter now wants to bring them back together,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

E! president Ted Harbert doesn’t do much for our expectations, calling the series “a touching dramatic story,” although he does add that “there’s real conflict because it’s a family of five with a lot of things to work out.”

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