Fear Factor’s return pushed back a week, will feature confrontation between TAR’s Jonathan and Joe Rogan

Fear Factor just got another nail in its already-decomposing coffin: The return of the series, once scheduled for March, has been pushed back another week. The show will now return with a three-part series of reality all-star episodes June 13, not June 6.

An episode description for that first show says that “tensions flare and emotions erupt in one of the most explosive fights in ‘Fear Factor’ history.” That fight is between Amazing Race 6 contestant Jonathan Baker and show host Joe Rogan.

As a preview video [WMV] shows, after a stunt, Victoria Fuller, Jonathan’s wife, punches/pushes Jonny Fairplay, who was heckling her during a stunt. Joe Rogan then tells her, “You and your husband hit each other, that’s one thing; you don’t hit other contestants.” Jonathan then gets in Joe’s face, and then intercut between interviews, we see Joe with Jonathan in a headlock.

And as Jonathan tells the New York Post today, he got verbally involved “to defend my wife,” and he alleges Joe Rogan hit him twice, which he says was surprising because “you’re supposed to be kept safe. At the end of the day, when we went on this show, we weren’t protected from the host.” The video doesn’t any punches being thrown, and is clearly heavily edited.

Executive producer Matt Kunitz said in a statement to the Post that “there was an altercation between Jonathan Baker and Joe Rogan. Our cameras documented the entire event, which will show our viewers that Mr. Baker has a false recollection of the incident. We encourage everyone to tune in and see for themselves.” If the video on NBC’s web site is what they’ll air, however, that’s not going to really help us one way or the other.

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