Katharine’s “wardrobe malfunction” discussed on “another wild Idol night, man”

Last night’s episode of American Idol 5 was “another wild Idol night, man,” as Randy Jackson said. For starters, Ryan Seacrest acknowledged Katharine McPhee’s wardrobe malfunction on last week’s performance show. Here’s the somewhat disturbing conversation he had with Katharine:

Ryan: “Last week, the yellow dress, and we had a wardrobe malfunction, didn’t we?”
Katharine: “Did we?”
RS: “Well, you lost a button.”
KM: “I did! And I didn’t even know, so I hope didn’t offend anybody.”
RS: “A lot of people went back on their systems and watched that moment over and over again.”
KM: “I’m sure they TIVOed, I’m sure they did.”
RS: “Half of America now knows you wear boxers, so — no, no, everything was fine. And you’re strapped into that. Okay, good, I was told to ask by the network.”
KM: “I feel like I’m in a trash bag tonight.”

After she performed, Simon told Katharine, “It was by far one of your best performances, but you’ve got two songs, so you’re a lucky girl.” As the context suggests, he didn’t mean “best,” and as Ryan was about to give the phone numbers, he tried to correct himself. But his mic was off, and all we saw was Katharine’s scrunched up confused face. Then all of the sudden Simon’s voice appeared and he said, “because if I did, I didn’t mean it. It wasn’t one of your best performances. If I said it was one of your best performances, it wasn’t, that’s what I was tried to say.”

That gave Ryan the opportunity to recycle his “the judges are drunk” routine, saying, “Somebody went to the bar before the show.”

Later, instead of waiting to be judged, Elliot ran off to the side of the stage. Realizing what he’d done, he turned and ran back, with Ryan at his side. “We’ve all gone crazy tonight,” Simon could be heard saying as this happened, and then Paula started cackling and choking out laughter. “”I knew I was supposed to come over here at some point,” Elliot said.

Also during the performances, Taylor threw himself to the ground at the end of his song (when the lyrics said something about dying), and Ryan fell onto his back to give Taylor’s phone numbers. And Katharine started one of her songs sitting on the stage. Simon told her, “This is a strange show: Taylor’s lying down, you’re on your knees. This is strange.”