Remembering the American Idol 5 finale’s weirdest moments

Because FOX ran over time with the finale of American Idol 5, my DVR flipped over to record the Top Chef finale and kept recording the second hour of Lost’s (ridiculously inconclusive) finale. Thus, I missed most of the celebratory stuff, including, I discovered today, David Hasselhoff crying.

Then I realized: Perhaps there were moments we all missed, or perhaps the vast majority of the country that didn’t bother to throw away two hours of its Wednesday evening would like to see what all the chatter is about. (There were also moments everybody missed, like the fact that basically no one showed up for Katharine McPhee’s Tamyra Gray-hosted party in LA, as TVgasm documents in photographs.)

So, as a public service, and thanks to those who’ve recorded and published key moments online, under the, um, fair use statute, here are five of the finale’s oddest moments:

David Hasselhoff gets teary-eyed, in slow motion for added entertainment:

Clay Aiken makes a happy gay lookalike fan’s dream come true:

Wolfgang Puck embarrasses himself:

Prince appears to remind us that he is still our idol by singing a song no one has ever heard before:

Taylor Hicks wins and Katharine can’t even pretend to look surprised; Taylor performs one last time and the stage erupts into flames:

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