Elliott leaves American Idol 5; all three were within 310,000 votes of each other

Katharanie McPhee and Taylor Hicks are the final two American Idol 5 contestants after Elliott Yamin was eliminated.

During the elimination show, producers actually revealed the vote totals, at least in terms of percentages, and it was extremely close. Based upon the fact that Ryan Seacrest said there were 50 million votes (obviously not an exact figure), I’ve done the math to calculate the rough, inexact number of votes that each received. The breakdown:

33.06 percent: 16,530,000 votes / Elliott Yamin
33.26 percent: 16,630,000 votes
33.68 percent: 16,840,000 votes

Presumably, and it’s totally a presumption because we weren’t told who was second or who was third, Taylor had the largest percentage, but even if he did, 210,000 votes more than Katharine is hardly a substantial lead. As Ryan Seacrest said, it was “very close.”

One more week to go.