DialIdol predicts Elliott Yamin is leaving Idol; Katharine is not a Scientologist

What a difference a week makes: One week ago tonight, Elliott Yamin was in the top two and seemed like a possible winner; today, he’s probably leaving American Idol 5. Taylor Hicks is sitting confidently atop both of them, however, and he’ll gyrate his way into the final two.

Simon Cowell basically said Elliott’s time was up during last night’s performance show, but confirmation comes from DialIdol. The site’s measure of busy signals has Elliott placing last, although Katharine is still within the margin of error; last week, it correctly predicted Chris would go home. Elliott probably wasn’t helped by Paula Abdul, who surprisingly took a stand and told Teen People, “I want Elliott to win. I feel like I changed the face of the competition by making America wake up and see the talent that Elliott possesses.”

Speaking of Katharine, one of the stranger and crazier theories following Chris’ unexpected elimination last week suggested that he got knocked off instead of Katharine because she was a Scientologist, and of course Scientologists control the universe.

She appeared on LA’s KROQ 106.7 last week, and, according to the awkwardly named blog American Idol 2006 Blog Video Clips, said, “I am not a Scientologist. I was actually dating somebody who was a Scientologist. I was MADLY in love and sure I was like I’ll dabble in Scientology and I was quickly out the door. I’m very spiritual… love God… thank you Jesus.”

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