Fuel offers Chris a job as their lead singer

It may be a national day of mourning for them, but fans of Chris Daughtry may have a reason to rejoice in just a few hours.

Tonight on Extra, a band will offer him a job as their lead singer. No one is saying the band’s name, but it’s probably Fuel, which already offered him the job, although not officially.

Extra has headlined their teaser, “Chris Gets an Offer He Can’t Refuse!”, suggesting that he’ll take the offer. Talking with reporters this morning, he was coy, saying, “I’m at a position this all just happened. I’m not sure what I think of any of it,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

If he accepts, this may turn out to be a better deal for him than winning the show, which could explain his lackluster performances Tuesday and generally bored appearance. However, as the AJ-C points out, “he wouldn’t be able to join the group til at least 90 days after the show is over” because of the contract the contesants sign.

Update: Fuel offered him the job on Extra, although lamely, Chris wasn’t on the show, so we don’t know what his answer is. Fuel’s bass player Jeff Abercrombie said, “Chris, if you are watching, we’ve talked about this before, and if you want to entertain it again we’ll take it and go.”

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