Jamie leaves Unan1mous for “medical reasons” after the group outcasts Adam

Another contestant has left the Unan1mous bunker, although without causing a financial penalty. After a sick, sunglass-wearing Jamie said she wanted to quit, the host torso said, “But since you’re leaving for medical reasons beyond your control, the prize money will not be cut in half.”

In other words, we don’t want to cut the drama in half again so we’ll just change the rules again. Before she left, Jamie said, “I just want you all to stay true to yourself. No amount of money is worth uncompromising yourself, or lying, manipulating, or deceiving.”

Perhaps that’s why the producers were fine with letting her leave without penalizing the group: They didn’t want anyone getting all moral and ethical. And once Jamie left, some real strategizing and backstabbing started, culminating with Steve being outcast. At the first vote, Steve was one vote from winning $1.5 million; now he can’t win a cent. What an awesome game.

Yesterday, I reviewed the series for MSNBC.com, calling it “the most efficient reality series on television today.” It basically takes Big Brother‘s concept and compresses it, spending most of the time on the game. And as “the producers introduce a new, marvelously cruel twist every few minutes,” that makes the game into “a hard-to-predict joy ride to hell,” allowing us to “gaze into the blender that [the contestants] thought was a comfortable aquarium.”

‘Unan1mous’ is unpredictable joy ride to hell [MSNBC]

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