BBC’s How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria will find a lead for the Sound of Music

The BBC will air a talent-based competition series called How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? this fall. The winner “will get a contract to star as the eponymous rebel nun in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s famous musical in the West End, London, this autumn,” according to the Independent. Both shows will be produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Like Pop Idol, the show will have open auditions, and judges will narrow the group to 50. From that group, “[t]en will make it through to the television shows where they will undergo training and perform live for the panel and the public who will vote.”

Besides causing everyone who reads the show’s title to start singing the song in their heads, the show has upset actors’ union Equity. They say it’s “‘demeaning’ to its members’ professionalism and questioned if an unknown newcomer could handle such a role,” the paper reports.

Auditions start later this month and the show will air this summer. Graham Norton will host.

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