Ashley Parker Angel “almost completely cut off [his] finger” on Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Attention C-list celebrities who want to increase your stock by appearing on a cheesy reality TV show: participation may ruin your career, and not just because of the stupid things you say to the confessional camera.

Here’s an example: While participating in NBC’s Celebrity Cooking Showdown, which was pulled for its final two nights because of dismal ratings, There and Back star Ashley Parker Angel “almost completely cut off [his] finger,” he tells Billboard’s Jaded Insider.

As a result, his finger has been injured, perhaps permanently. “I still have no feeling in it ’cause I cut so deeply, which is making me worried,” he says. However, the bigger concern at the time was the fact, he says, that “I lost six minutes off the clock, and my finger wouldn’t stop bleeding but I still finished it. They had a doctor come down to the set, so immediately when I walked off they had someone waiting to stitch it up for me.”

Where does that leave him now? He says, “apparently I severed the nerve in my finger. I’m so upset because I need my fingers to play piano and guitar. I need to get insurance for my hands.” Or just use this to your advantage for the second season of your MTV reality show, and call it There and Back: Nine Fingers to Go.

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