Real World Denver house location revealed; it will include a baskeball court

The space that will house The Real World Denver‘s seven strangers will have a hot tub, surprise surprise, and a basketball court. And we already know where it’s located.

The space is located at 1920 Market Street in Denver. That’s the former location of a place called B-52 Billiards.

Executive producer Jon Murray declined to verify the location to the Rocky Mountain News, saying, “Unlike the Today show, where people are staring in from windows, we want to film a story about seven strangers. If everybody knows where they are, it’s less likely to be real.” Oh, Jon, you’re funny. Less real. Hysterical!

At the location, “[c]onstruction on the 21,000-plus-square-foot building, which will include adding a full kitchen, basketball court, hot tub, bathrooms and bedrooms, is slated to be complete in May,” according to the Rocky Mountain News. Production on the season will begin after that, with the show being filmed this summer and fall.

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