Lake apologized to Michelle for his behavior

After watching last week’s episode of The Amazing Race 9, Lake Garner did something surprising: Instead of bitching about his portrayal, he apologized to his teammate and wife Michelle for the way he treated her on the show.

Michelle tells the Calgary Sun, “when it aired, he again said, ‘I really want to apologize for the way I acted.’ He truly is not that volatile in real life. He really is a great guy — he just doesn’t handle stress as well as other people.”

Her cheery attitude may or may not have something to do with the fact that Lake is “buying her a new car,” according to the paper, to atone for his sins.

And despite his behavior, the celebrity has already gone to Lake’s head, as he thinks his team is among the best out of all those who’ve appeared on the show in nine seasons. “I hope they have an all-stars (season) because we feel we’d have a really good chance at being on that. We feel like we are one of the more popular teams, so maybe they would ask us. That would be great,” he said.

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