Photos of Jeremy, Eric, BJ, and Tyler frolicking half-naked hit the web; Eric tells haters to “kill yourself”

Over the weekend, some hysterical photos of Amazing Race 9 duos Eric and Jeremy and BJ and Tyler started floating around the Internet. Since we have to wait until tomorrow for a brand-new episode of the race–last week, CBS changed the show’s day and time to Wednesdays at 8–I saved them for today, hoping to stave off our desire for more show fun. Late yesterday, the homoerotic photos began to spread like fungus in a high school locker room.

The photos were, according to a Jaunted tipster, “were taken in early February (after the race/before the premiere) when the ‘trustafarians’ visited Eric/Jeremy in Florida.” The two teams are shirtless in the pictures; in one they form a tight conga line, and in another, they pose seductively, with BJ’s hand on Eric’s chest and Tyler’s thumb just above Jeremy’s crotch. Perhaps most shocking is a picture of a nearly naked Jeremy with Tyler’s face in his crotch.

Even if you’ve already seen the photos, you may not have noticed that Eric and Jeremy’s MySpace pages both broadcast some of the pictures to the world. Someone posted them in Jeremy‘s comments section, while Eric included one among his other photos, although it appears to have been removed. Eric did, however, post the original speedo picture with the caption “apparently this pic proves we are gay.”

On the one hand, it’s great to know that Eric and Jeremy, and BJ and Tyler are all comfortable enough with their sexuality to joke around like this and publish these photos to the world. On the other hand, here’s what Eric says in his “Who I’d like to meet” section: “all the douche bags that talk shit about us online. get a life, then kill yourself.”

Apparently, only they’re allowed to joke about themselves. Their fans definitely seem to think that’s true; one kind gentleman writes in a comment that a) he’s worried that Eric and Jeremy will be ass-raped now, and b) says he’ll literally kill anyone who suggests they’re gay. Jeremy’s MySpace friend writes:

“Jesus H. Christ, just what the world needs, more pictures of Jeremy and Eric that would lead people to believe they are gay! Good pics Angelika, I laughed, but I am fearful that you have just doubled the amount of gay friend requests for both of my homies. Danny and I are currently building some steel underwear for both J ride and Sanchez so they can begin taking public showers after they surf and play volleyball. Anyone who thinks my homeboys are gay will have their face caved in and will instantly be the first human beings to become permanent parts of a parking lot.”

Nothing like the threat of violence to prove that they’re entirely straight and that being gay is totally okay with them and their fans.

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