Danielle and Dani deny they hooked up with Eric and Jeremy

Eric and Jeremy’s relentless boasting about banging Danielle and Dani at the pit stops . But according to Danielle and Dani, basically nothing happened between them. They didn’t even kiss. Instead, the D girls say that they used Eric and Jeremy’s horniness to their advantage.

The two are still “rooting for the frat boys,” Dani tells TV Guide, because “they’re hard players and are really smart.” But that doesn’t change the fact that the frat boys also exaggerated their relationship on camera. Here’s the exact exchange:

TVGuide.com: Eric and Jeremy made it sound like things got a little frisky in Russia. Who hooked up with whom?
Dani: Eric and Jeremy were trying to look cool on television. They wanted to make it seem like something went on. We were all friends and we all hung out together. Danielle got along with Eric more and I got along with Jeremy more.
Danielle: Flirting helped create an alliance.

TVGuide.com: Are they good kissers?
Both: [Laugh]
Dani: When you find out, let us know! There was a lot of flirting and maybe a little cuddling on the plane…. That’s about it.

Double-Ds Denied on Amazing Race [TV Guide]