Tommy Lee wants Rock Star 2 singer to be “any gender, any size,” but “a little dangerous, a little scary”

Tommy Lee has spelled out his criteria for the lead singer that will be selected during Rock Star 2. He tells that the person can be “any gender, any size,” but he does have some criteria. Specifically:

“The singer, the ringleader, should be a little dangerous, a little scary, like we’re not sure if he’s going to make it through the show. You know, there’s something exciting about that someone with something to say, somebody who is elusive and weird and strange. That’s what brings you back.”

Jason Newsted agrees that the person should be crazy, but also should be able to get the hell out of his way. He says,

“They have to be able to go out there, arms flailing, and then jump back and get the hell out of the way. When I go by flying, spitting sweat and blood, they have to be able to hang with that. If I’m screaming in their ear right before they sing, they better sing on time. It’s few and far between that can stand next to us and do that thing.”

The group wrote all-new songs for their debut as Supernova. reports that “this summer, Supernova will be in the studio, recording their debut album, and their hope is that some of those sessions will make the last three episodes, when they’ve selected a singer.”

Tommy Lee Hopes ‘Rock Star’ Finds Dangerous, Scary Singer []