Burnett targeting summer 2007 for On the Lot

Contradicting earlier reports that the new Steven Spielberg-produced FOX series On the Lot would film in the fall and air next spring, executive producer Mark Burnett tells the New York Times that the show will likely air more than a year from now. According to the paper, “the plan was to have the series ready for summer 2007, preferably close to the conclusion of that season’s edition of ‘American Idol.'”

While Spielberg won’t be featured on the show, he will be involved; for example, he “[has] already designed the show’s movie-theater set,” the paper reports. In addition, his studio, DreamWorks, will offer the show’s prize.

The series was developed in part because of the popularity of viral video and sites such as YouTube, Burnett says. “There is such a growing segment of the public making all these films on the Web that we have a great chance to tap into that,” he said. Although other networks had the chance to buy the series, FOX won after “making an aggressive effort to secure it,” according to the Times.

Shifting Arenas, Spielberg Joins Effort to Make Reality TV Series [New York Times]