Finding Miss America reality series will let viewers vote on Miss America finalists

In 2001, the Miss America pageant borrowed some of reality TV’s conventions, and last year it threatened to turn into a reality series. That will happen next year for the 2007 pageant, when the final show will be preceded by a seven-hour reality series, and viewer votes will determine the finalists.

Finding Miss America will be a CMT “documentary series that follows the 52 Miss America finalists through the preliminary competitions prior to the” pageant, a press release says. Are part of that, “viewers will be given the opportunity to cast their votes via phone and for their favorite contestants, thereby determining finalists.”

Contestants will be split into seven groups, and viewers will vote at the end of each episode to select one person from that group. Judges will select the remaining eight of the 15 finalists. The show will air next January, with filming starting in the fall.

CMT Goes Behind the Scenes With Pageant Contestants in the New Documentary Series ‘FINDING MISS AMERICA’ Premiering in January 2007 [CMT press release]