Flavor of Love 2 is now casting; application asks 10 questions about violent, psychotic behavior

VH1 is now casting for a second season of Flavor of Love. That’s not at all surprising because the first season finale was VH1’s highest-rated show ever.

If you’re a woman who wants to be christened with a funny nickname and fight with other women on TV, VH1 wants you. There’s an open casting call this Saturday in New York, and the site says additional cities will be added. If you can’t attend an open call, applications are available online.

Applications are due April 12, and it asks for answers to 10 questions. Of those 10 questions, one is about parents and another is about applying for other reality shows. The remaining eight are about the applicants’ potential for violence or psychotic behavior. Specifically:

Have you ever hit someone in anger or self defense?
Have you ever been arrested or had a restraining order placed against you?
Have you ever seen a therapist, psychologist, or phychiatrist?
Have you ever been treated for any serious physical or mental illness (es) or had any serious injuries?
Are you on any prescription medication that you take on a regular basis?
Do you have any physical conditions, special needs, or fears we should know about?
Have you ever been charged with a violent offense or a felony?
Have you ever been convicted of a violent offense or a felony?

I’m guessing that “yes” answers on all of these pretty much guarantee that a woman will be cast.

Flavor of Love: season 2