Hoopz and Flavor broke up; New York and Pumkin fight on the Flavor of Love Reunion

Last night, the cast of Flavor of Love got together to reflect on their shared experiences–and to remind us that reality TV is at its best when it emulates The Jerry Springer Show. (If you missed it, VH1 reairs it today at noon and 8 p.m. ET, tomorrow at 2:30 and 11, and Wednesday at 9, in addition to other times in the middle of the night.)

According to TVgasm’s photo-intensive recap of the reunion, which captures the best moments, the real reunion was the one between New York and Pumkin. At one point, Pumkin told New York, “I’m glad to see you got castrated,” and then New York charged her–for the second time. Security stepped in, and Pumkin said, “I didn’t come on Jerry fuckin Springer. Get the fuckin’ psychotic bitch out of here!”

In other news, Hoopz and Flavor are no longer together, surprise of all surprises. Earlier, she told The Detroit Free Press:

“We’re friends, we’re really good, good, good friends. … But I mean, we’ve been together, we went out. We went to London and we hung out and chilled. … I’m not in love with him. We’re not about to get married. And he’s not in love with me. We’re better off just being friends. I mean, he lives in L.A., Las Vegas, New York. I understand. I live in Michigan. He’s more into keeping to entertainment. I’m more just chillin’.”

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