Big Brother 7 will be an all-star edition with viewers selecting the show’s cast

Kaysar teased us with the possibility last September, and now it appears to be coming true: CBS will air an all-star Big Brother this summer. Instead of new faces, old friends will return to the Habitrail–and viewers will choose who gets cast.

Entertainment Weekly says it “has learned that CBS will air an all-star version of Big Brother when it returns for a seventh season this summer,” and that “the basic rules will remain unchanged for the all-star version.” More significantly, “for the first time ever fans will get to choose who participates in the game from a pool of 20 former houseguests,” Entertainment Weekly reports. However, “CBS has yet to announce how or when voting will occur.” Hopefully, this will turn out better than the last time CBS let viewers have control, when we voted out all of the interesting people right away during the show’s first season.

While CBS has yet to announce anything officially, this report is a lot more credible than’s report that the cast of a celebrity edition would be announced in early January, a story that taught us all a good lesson about trusting the unattributed, non-bylined crap TMZ slings all over its web site.

Update: CBS confirmed the news in a press release, saying the show’s “working title” is Big Brother: All-Stars.

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