American Idol’s ratings are dropping week to week, and from the performance to the results show

American Idol 5 may run over, stop, go into reverse, and run over again any show that dares step into its path, and its two episodes still may be the most popular two shows on TV each week, but it’s been losing viewers recently.

Since the top 12 show, MJ’s Big Blog discovered, the show has lost 5.5 million viewers for the results show, and 3.1 million viewers for the performance show. There’s also a “ratings gap between the performance and results shows,” MJ notes. During the fourth season, there was a similar, but far less dramatic slide. But more significantly, “after the Top 6”–when Constantine went home–“the results shows pulled in more viewers than performance nights!” MJ writes.

That hasn’t happened yet this year. Last week, an astonishing 7 million people who watched on Tuesday didn’t tune in on Wednesday. Perhaps wasting an hour just to get to 45 seconds worth of actual content is actually hurting the show. Then again, who wants to turn down the opportunity to watch even more footage of singing icons’ tight new faces?

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