Bucky Covington was once arrested for switching places with his twin

American Idol 5 finalist Bucky Covington “was once arrested for his involvement in a bizarre incident in which he pretended to be his twin-brother to help the sibling avoid criminal prosecution,” according to Court TV.

Bucky’s brother Rocky was stopped in his truck and hit from behind by a 16-year-old who came over a hill and didn’t see the stopped truck until it was too late. Because Rocky’s “license had been suspended “for speeding, drinking while driving and driving with a revoked license,” Bucky’s dad was “[f]earful that his son could face a jail sentence for being caught a second time driving with a suspended license” and so he “concocted a ruse on the spot that he hoped would spare Rocky further trouble,” according to Court TV. He called Bucky to have him pretend to have been driving.

Rocky defends this now, telling Court TV now that he told the 16-year-old victim, “No matter if a gorilla was driving it, you’re still going to have to pay to have this truck fixed. But if you tell the state trooper that I was driving, the only thing that would happen is that I’d get in trouble.'” While the teenager, Ryan Roller, agreed to lie at the time, he soon told his dad the truth. They “confronted [Bucky’s dad] Gene Covington, who not only refused to compensate them for their repairs but also indicated that he planned to file a claim to have the Roller’s insurance pay for the damages to his son’s pickup.” So, they called the cops.

Rocky, who seems even less bright than his twin, is today angry at the cop who arrested him. “Why did he believe the Rollers? They switched their story. Our story stayed the same. What I should have done was just grabbed Bucky’s drivers license and showed him that. He never would have been able to tell the difference,” he told Court TV.

Incredibly, however, that ultimately worked. A judge dismissed all charges because no one could tell Bucky and Rocky apart in court.

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