Bucky exits Idol to Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day,” which is #1 because of Idol

Bucky was American Idol 5‘s Scott Savol, the contestant who seemed to inexplicably stick around despite weak performances and not a whole lot of charisma. Last night, his journey ended–although surprisingly, it came after one of his best performances. DialIdol predicted that it’d be either Ace or Bucky leaving, and the world, like the judges, assumed it’d be Ace, after another phoned-in performance by Ace. But alas, although Ace was in the bottom three with Elliott Yamin, Bucky went home.

The unnecessarily expanded results show featured weepy packages of the contestants’ families talking about supporting their loved one, plus performances by the bottom three. Ryan Seacrest filled time by finally making a Queen joke, as he called Simon Cowell the “king of the queens.” Oh, Ryan, stop protesting so much.

Bucky left, as all contestants do, to a montage set to Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day.” Just like a top-40 radio station with a playlist of 12 songs, Idol has officially overplayed the song, but that’s had an impact: the song is “No. 1 on Billboard’s pop chart and the nation’s top digital track with 467,000 downloads sold,” according to USA TODAY. Powter tells the paper, “I’m sure American Idol is a huge reason the song is what it is. I’m thankful, because it’s getting my music out there.” Of the album that contains the song, which was released in the US Tuesday, Powter says, “I had no expectations. I didn’t think the music was commercially viable.”

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