Ryan Seacrest suggests a judge is drunk a day after Paula Abdul disses him on the Tonight Show

Last night, Ryan Seacrest managed to get through an entire Queen-themed American Idol show without exchanging a single gay joke with Simon Cowell. But he didn’t get through the show without being bitchy toward the judges.

After Taylor’s energetic performance, Simon–who was uncharacteristically quiet and brieft throughout most of the show–asked, “Taylor, are you drunk?” Then, Ryan gave the phone numbers and as he went to commercial, he said something like, “Someone at that table is drunk. You make the call.”

Perhaps his obvious Paula-referencing remark was in retaliation for Paula Abdul’s Tonight Show appearance Monday. On it, she seemed drunker than usual, even joking about being an alcoholic. She also spent time dissing Ryan. Paula said Ryan was “plenty mad” that he was reduced to a small image on the cover of Rolling Stone, a photo she said was basically Photoshopped together as none of them were photographed together.

When asked by Leno about Ryan Seacrest’s romance with Terri Hatcher, which was famously photographed kissing her, Paula said, “He only kisses the mirror. And, honestly, do you think Teri Hatcher is that desperate of a housewife?”

Perhaps most surprising is what Ryan Seacrest’s spokesperson told The New York Post about this exchange:, which is that Paula would have no idea since she and Ryan haven’t talked about it. “There is no validity to what Paula said about Ryan on ‘The Tonight Show.’ Ryan hasn’t spoken to Paula about either Rolling Stone, or his personal life,” the spokeswoman said.

Ryan also said something last week about a judge having a flask, so perhaps there’s some animosity between the two.

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