Bo Bice reportedly tries to punch the Giants’ Glenn Parker

American Idol 4 runner-up Bo Bice allegedly tried to punch a former football player at a New York City bar on Sunday.

Page Six reports that Bo was at O’Brien’s on West 46th Street, where he tried to start a fight with former New York Giants player Glenn Parker, who apparently recognized Bo. Here’s the story from Page Six’s nameless “witness”:

Glenn had noticed Bo and simply asked him if he was really Bo Bice — and Bo just stared at him and said, ‘No, I’m not. My name is Kevin.’ It was weird. Glenn went away, but he started feeling like he might have imposed on the guy. So he went back to him to apologize for causing any discomfort. Bo just went at him with his fists — maybe he thought he was Simon Cowell or something, but he tried to hit him. Glenn grabbed his arms to block the punches, but Bice broke loose and managed to graze Glenn under the chin. It was crazy because Glenn could have wiped the floor with him.”

According to Bo’s web site, he was performing in Boston Saturday night, and in Long Island on Monday.

‘Idol’ Punch Grazes NFL Star [Page Six]