UPN’s Top Model 6 debuts tonight

UPN debuts America’s Next Top Model 6 tonight at 8 p.m. ET. This may be the last season to air on UPN proper, before the network merges with The WB to become The CW.

The first episode’s title is a spoiler in itself, so stop reading if you want to be surprised. It’s titled “The Girls Go Bald,” so clearly Tyra and company are taking the makeover episode to the next logical level: shaving the models’ heads. As the description says, “The 13 finalists are given little time to settle into their posh new mansion in Los Angeles before Jay Manuel reveals in a jaw-dropping announcement that they will be bald for their first photo shoot.” This officially makes Tyra not just the girls’ den mother, but also their wicked stepmother. Speaking of wickedness, UPN also reveals that “Janice Dickinson makes a surprise appearance,” perhaps hoping that the girls’ hair will just fall out once they see her in person.

The New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan tells us that among the models this time is a new archetype: “a proud Texan named Dani” who is a “cute young red-state [girl]. She reportedly says in her audition video, “I am the most uber-conservative Republican hardcore Baptist you can ever imagine in your whole life. I don’t like gay people. I don’t like Muslims. I don’t like abortions. I don’t like anything liberal.”

Here’s the funny thing: There is no Texan contestant named Dani listed on UPN’s web site, which already reveals the cast. Most likely, Tyra will send her bigoted red-state ass back to Texas as the group is narrowed from 32 to the final 13.

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