Jordan Knight quits Surreal Life Fame Games, was replaced by Verne Troyer

The Surreal Life: Fame Games, the seventh season of the VH1 show, was being filmed in Las Vegas last week when a cast member quit. The show is a competition between cast members from the first six seasons.

Jordan Knight, of New Kids on the Block fame, “began to ‘lose it’ at the trademark ‘Surreal Life’ dorm house and ‘wanted off the show,'” a source tells the New York Daily News’ Ben Widdicombe. The source says, “He called everyone and told them he was just finished. He didn’t say why. His brother [and former bandmate] Jonathan came to pick him up.”

Widdicombe reports that “VH1 said yesterday the singer left the show because his grandmother passed away.” But the network forgot to get its story straight with Jordan’s people, as “Knight’s own rep said he withdrew due to a family illness and returned to Boston.”

Verne Troyer replaced Jordan. That leaves one question: Why the hell wasn’t Verne cast in the first place? He’s one of the series’ best and most memorable contestants ever; who else has driven a scooter under the influence while naked and stopped to pee in the corner of the living room?

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