Tough Enough’s Maven joins Surreal Life cast; Big Brother 5’s Scott shows off his poopy pants

I finally got around to watching the debut of The Surreal Life 6, and although the cast seems boring on paper, it was. But the best casting move was letting the other C-list cast members have the power to select the final cast member during the “15 More Minutes of Fame Reality Hunk Pageant.”

First off was John Paylok from Survivor Vanuatu, who was wearing a stupid wig and skirt made out of leaves and did a bad job of pretending to be funny.

In round two, Scott Long from Big Brother 5, no stranger to taking off his clothes in public, stripped down to small yellow briefs, and when he turned around–well, let’s just say that he and toilet paper are not good friends. “Scott’s yellow panties had skid marks and it was, like, a big one,” Andrea Lowell said. “I’m so sorry,” he said, clearly embarrassed.

The next to go was Corey Clark, who Steve Harwell first referred to as “the kid who was banging Paula Abdul.” After Corey sang, he told us in an interview, “You suck ass. At least you got some ass out of the deal from Paula.” They dumped him because, as Alexis Arquette said, “It might just have been the kissin’ and tellin’ that did it for you, buddy. Sorry, Corey.” He added in an interview, “He’s the one who talked all the crap about Paula Abdul. We don’t want somebody talking crap about us.”

Scott said he’d make out with any of the three women, but was eliminated next. That left The Real World Paris‘ Ace Amerson and Tough Enough‘s Maven Huffman were the last two standing, but Maven was voted into the house by the three women.