Real World Key West cast’s MySpace profiles revealed

The Real World Key West debuted last night, so you may already be crushing on one or more of the cast members. Thanks to the ever-expanding empire that is MySpace, you can learn even more about the cast members than MTV tells you in their bios. And you can also find out what song they’ve chose to blast out of your speakers the second the page loads.

Gossiplist compiled links to the cast’s alleged MySpace pages in its newsletter today, finding a MySpace page for everyone except Tyler. They are: Paula, Svetlana, Zach, Jose, Janelle, and John.

Among other things, you’ll learn from Zach that “everybody poops,” discover that Janelle has exceeded her Photobucket bandwidth, John calls himself “Bananas,” and Paula is a huge fan of the animated gif.

Update: Tyler’s profile is on Friendster, Towleroad discovered. Tyler either deserves praise for sticking with Friendster as its pummeled to death by the vastly inferior MySpace, or is far less hip and connected to the pulse of teenagers and 20-somethings than the rest of his castmates.