Real World Key West cast’s boss blogs and calls himself the “8th cast member”

The man who served as the boss for The Real World Key West cast’s “job” is now blogging about the experience and the show. Ricky Croft, a VP at Mystic Tan, promises “a real look at tanning & the behind-the-scenes stuff at your favorite reality TV show” on his blog.

In a post from yesterday, he responds to a recap of Tuesday’s show and says the cast members “worked like crazy. I’m so proud of the work they did.” That’d be a refreshing change from, you know, casts who worked only six hours a week. (By the way, I recently learned that producers debate whether or not to have a cast job every season. Those who argue for the job are the story editors, who are responsible for crafting narratives from the hundreds of hours of footage that is shot. And the job gives them a built-in storyline.)

So far, though, the boss’ blog offers more creepiness than insight. Yesterday, he referred to the show as “our season” and lamented not being mentioned in online writing about the show. If he’s not serious, he’s really good at extending the joke for post after post after post. In one, he wrote, “Here’s the Wikipedia entry for our season of The Real World. I don’t have a mention on the page, yet. Is that anyway to treat the 8th cast member?”

And yes, Croft repeatedly refers to himself as the “8th cast member”–forgetting, perhaps, that on The Real World Seattle, that was the nickname for David’s penis.

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