Wes and Johanna selling “dumb and poseurish” t-shirts on a “dumpy little site”

TVgasm points us to a new destination on the web: Wes and Johanna’s “dumpy little site” where they’re selling “dumb and poseurish” t-shirts. The Real World Austin couple is selling shirts that were inspired by, well, themselves.

Why would someone part with their money for a shirt that says “Made in Peru” or “Made in Kansas”? Their site has an answer, but prepare for some screaming, because apparently their computer’s caps lock key is broken. They say, “SIMPLY WEAR SOME OF THE T SHIRTS JOHANNA WORE ON THE SHOW.” That’s what was missing from my life: wearing the same t-shirts that Johanna wore. Speaking of missing, TVgasm thinks a few designs are absent from those available for sale, like a shirt that says “I’M SUCH A TOTAL IDIOT FOR EVER BUYING THIS FROM WES AND JOHANNA.”

A garish graphic advertising their new venture informs us that the couple “will be appearing on a future challenge airing in a couple of in a couple of months.” All of this is a good lesson: Before going on The Real World and then trying to use your fame to make money, take a computer literacy class, as long as it doesn’t conflict with your AA meetings.

When The Shirt Hits The Fan [TVgasm]