Bachelor 9 casting producer says the show is still looking for a male or female lead

Producers looking for Bachelor 9 participants in Aspen told a newspaper that the series may be another Bachelorette if they find a woman instead of a man to front the series.

In Aspen from March 16 to March 22, a casting producer from Kassting Inc. told the Aspen Daily News that producers are “hand selecting people.” Tedd Schermerhorn also said that the person they’re looking for could be either male or female. “If it’s a guy, we want them to be attractive and more of a professional person, not somebody who’s just hanging out. … They have to have something to offer.”

He also suggested that the producers either take their jobs very seriously or are desperate to find someone. “There’s a lot of research that goes into it. We have teams in the office researching to find that high-class group that guys or girls are a part of,” he said.

Schermerhorn added that this is a long process. “It will be some exotic location. We’ve interviewed a lot of people already, and there have been some interesting characters, but the process is ongoing; it may be months before we find ‘the one.'”

If he’s not just being coy, they’d better hurry the heck up, since filming begins in six weeks.

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