Bachelor 9 looking for an architect, will be set in a tropical location

Casting producers for ABC’s The Bachelor 9 “are interested in finding an architect” to front the next season of the show. The show’s casting director, Robyn Cass, tells the New York Daily News that the show has “had a lot of responses from really good-looking, charismatic, sexy guys in that field.” But they’re not just limiting their search to architects.

The paper gathers some of the architect stereotypes that have followed the posting of the casting announcement on The Gutter. Architects are apparently “notoriously cheap, arrogant and generally terrible dates, if not altogether gay.” One Gutter poster notes that, since many gay men are in the field, “Most bachelor architects would be on ‘Brokeback Bachelor.'” Another points out that this may make less-than-interesting television. “I can’t wait for the episode where his date spends the whole night in his studio, while he finishes hot-gluing a chip-board model.”

Whether they cast an architect bachelor or someone else, the next season will apparently be set in the tropics. The casting request says the lucky man will “be whisked away to an exotic, tropical location,” where he’ll meet the woman he’ll eventually break up with.

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