Trump finally fires Apprentice 5 annoyance Brent

Brent Buckman was finally fired last night on The Apprentice 5; Trump didn’t even send the candidates out before giving Brent the boot. It was the fourth week of Brent’s team basically giving him nothing to do because he’s such a disruption and, as Trump loves to say, a disaster.

Perhaps sensing that he was going to leave sooner than later, or perhaps just unraveling, Brent began to hurl insults about his fellow competitors, literally spitting them out in anger. Of a teammate, he said, “Andrea is an expert in is being an asshole,” adding that she and Tammy could be fired and would have “a good time smelling each other’s crap because [they] both stink.”

On the show, Brent frequently mentioned that he created his own diet and lost 110 pounds. He forgot to mention, however, that he apparently gained it all back, as a picture on his web site shows him as a lot skinnier than he was on the show. To help others, Brent has posted his diet: The 4 Bagel Plan. As the title implies, it involves eating four bagels, most topped with margarine but some topped with meat.

You’re supposed to eat four bagels every day, which doesn’t quite explain why last week, Brent “constructed a scaled-down version of Mount Everest using bagels,” as Entertainment Weekly called it. He then ate them in a way that made Tony Soprano seem like a refined, classy eater.

The Great Grape Nuts Battle [Yahoo]