Danni was told during casting, “so you’re a conservative and probably a Republican. So you hate Jews.”

Survivor Guatemala winner Dannie Boatwright reveals some of the questions that casting producers asked her while she was being considered for the show.

They started by asked, “Would you take your top off for peanut butter?” She said no, and they then asked her, presumptively, “Who is the most famous person you’ve slept with?” Danni said that after that question, “I was mad. Evidently from the (audition) tape I sent in (one of about 50,000), they thought I was a party girl because I was fun-loving.”

Unable to bait her, they switched tactics in the second round, making statements about her instead of asking actual questions. She said a casting producer told her, “You’re from Kansas, so you’re a conservative and probably a Republican. So you hate Jews.”

Danni, who Knight Ridder says “is a practicing Christian, a member of an Assembly of God Church and part of a family chock-full of ministers,” told the producers “No, I don’t hate Jews. My good friend in high school was Jewish. I think you have Christianity all wrong.” She does tell Knight Ridder that Christianity is “all about loving people. While on earth, you’re not perfect, but the Lord will forgive you for your sins. I wouldn’t judge anybody, and I don’t think anybody should judge people.” That almost seems like she’s comparing being Jewish to sinning, but perhaps not.

But most interestingly, Danni joins previous winner Vecepia in crediting God with her win. When she lost her alliance, she says, “I had to get rid of my strategy and let the Lord lead me in the right direction and let God take control.”

‘Survivor’ values: Winner sticks to her beliefs [Knight Ridder]