Tim Gunn is “resigned to” being “very single”

It’s impossible to get enough Tim Gunn, and thus it’s forgivable to link now to an interview Tim did back in February. It’s better to spread him out than overdose on the Tim Gunnness, I think.

In the interview, which ran while Project Runway 2 was still on the air, Tim talks about the contestants, and some of the challenges, but who cares about them any more? What we really want to know is more about Tim Gunn, and he delivers. He talks about his (and Parsons’) history with the show, but the real juicy parts come in the second part, when he gets more personal than ever before.

Tim tells Out magazine that he is “very single.” But before any single gay guys get their hopes up, Tim says he is “so resigned to” his singleness. Why? There’s a story, and it’s a sad one, best read while listening to some weepy guitar music, like the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. And I am not being flippant at all; it’s tragic and heartbreaking:

I have never, ever been more hurt than from a relationship that goes back to Washington, D.C.–before New York. I’m welling up thinking about how horrible it all was. After many years, it was the advent of AIDS and knowing that this guy who I loved more than myself had been sleeping around… it was awful. More awful was his out and out rejection of me, saying, “I don’t have the patience for you. I’m tired of you. Get lost.” And I haven’t been in a relationship since. And I’ve run from a couple of opportunities. I keep revisiting this “new soul” thing and I think, It’s not gonna happen in this lifetime. It’s not meant to be.

Project Runway’s Big Gunn: part one and part two [Out]