Tim Gunn says Kara “could have won the whole thing,” calls Daniel Franco “a charlatan,” “a poseur”

In a wide-ranging interview with The Advocate, Tim Gunn smacks down Project Runway and Project Runway 2 cast member Daniel Franco, the one guy to get a second chance, and also praises Kara Janx.

He says Kara “could have won the whole thing with that collection,” the decoy collection she presented at fashion week, and notes that Kara’s “self-doubt” hurt her. But he says she’s “going to enjoy great success from this experience. I’m absolutely confident.”

As to Daniel Franco, Tim says he is “a poseur. He was always aware of where the cameras were. … To him, it was always a performance opportunity. Maybe he acts like this at home, I don’t know. … This guy is a charlatan.”

The reason he says that, however, seems to be out of genuine concern that Daniel Franco is in the process of ruining his own career. Tim says Daniel “had a meeting with a big, big, big fashion director here in New York, and after the meeting she contacted me and she said, ‘He is no more prepared to have the conversation that I wanted to have with him than the man in the moon is.’ I was stunned” and “mortified.”

The interviewer also asked Tim how much he’d need to be paid to be alone with Zulema, Wendy Pepper, and Daniel Franco, and Tim, in his characteristic, this-is-why-we-love-him style, says, “Oh, Jesus. Are you trying to kill me?”

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