Chloe Dao wins Project Runway 2

Chloe Dao won Project Runway 2 in what’s being called an “upset” or at least a “surprise.” Even Chloe reacted with surprise when she won (“Are you kidding me? No way!”) and tells the AP that she’s “still shocked that I was chosen. I think my collection was the most cohesive, and I think I did step out of my own boundary.”

According to the AP, Chloe has no plans to leave Houston, and almost confirms her fellow designers’ questions about her commitment to becoming the next great designer. “It’s about me figuring out how to do this right, where I can balance having a life also,” she said. “People are going to hate me (for saying this), but I’m really happy with my life and I’m really happy I’m the winner and I’m really going to try to make something out of it, but am I going to be the next Vera Wang or Ralph Lauren? I don’t know.”

“Are the judges out of their minds?” asks The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan. Of the three collections shown, hers was by far the weakest. It was full of old lady clothes, outfits your grandma would wear to a holiday party at the country club.” But Tim Gunn disagrees. In his Bravo blog entry for the finale, he writes that “Her collection was a big risk (BIG risk) and, therefore, she could have blown it and lost. But, the judges responded immeasurably well.” He says the collection “threw me” but adds that she had “superb execution and fit.”

By the way, Bravo’s web site now includes video of Kara’s decoy runway show.

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