Chloe won’t move to New York, will be mentored by Banana Republic by phone

In an interview with her hometown newspaper, Chloe Dao “remains firm that she won’t move to New York” but says she still plans to take the show’s prize, the Houston Chronicle reports. She actually “plans to work with Banana Republic’s design team by phone.”

One prize she will not take advantage of via the telephone: her new Saturn Sky. “I drive a 1996 (Toyota) Corolla that’s so dented I’m embarrassed to valet it. I’m excited. I get a car I can valet,” she says.

Chloe’s Houston boutique, Lot 8, “netted $100,000 on sales of $400,000” in 2005, the paper reports. Chloe is “currently working to sell her clothes from her Web site,” But first she’ll have to produce more clothes, because “Lot 8 is currently out of her designs but hopes to be restocked by April.”

From Runway, to her way [Houston Chronicle]