CBS’ first docu-soap Tuesday Night Book Club will follow upper-middle class women

CBS is planning its first non-competition, documentary-style reality show. Tuesday Night Book Club will follow “the lives of a group of women living in an upper-middle-class suburb” who “[gather] for a Tuesday book club,” Variety reports. Basically, it’s like Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County.

The show “could be on the air as soon as this summer,” but nothing is definite right now. It’s produced by production company The Jay and Tony Show, which also produced the never-aired Welcome to the Neighborhood for ABC.

CBS is also developing Guess Who’s Coming Over “in which people from different walks of lives are put together in an attempt to see if they can get along,” Variety reports. And the network is working on a hidden camera show that basically screws over the people who are trying to screw over their friends. Joke’s on You follows “people [who] are recruited to play practical jokes on their friends and family — only to find out later that they’re the actual marks.”

Eye’s joining a ‘Book Club’ [Variety]