American Idol 5 loses three teenagers, is down to its top 12

Three teenagers, Ayla Brown, Will Makar, Gedeon McKinney, and one non-teenager, Kinnik Sky, were eliminated from American Idol 5 last night, leaving the show with its top 12 finalists.

Among those finalists, four are in their teens: Kellie Pickler, Kevin Covais, Paris Bennett, and Lisa Tucker. Six are over 25, and two–Mandisa and Taylor Hicks–are 29, technically over the show’s age limit (although since they were 28 when they auditioned, they’re eligible). MSNBC’s Craig Berman says we shouldn’t feel sorry for those who were eliminated, since the teenagers “have a lot of time to make it in the music business.”

The top 12 start performing Tuesday, and we lose one a week until we’re down to the final two.

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