Melissa McGhee is the first to leave the top 12

Less than a month ago, the odds favored Ace Young to win American Idol 5. Last night, he was in the bottom three, having received the third-fewest number of votes.

However, it was Melissa McGhee who went home; she received the fewest number of votes, which kept Lisa Tucker safe. Even though she forgot some words during her performance, Simon told her, “In my opinion, this was your best performance so far.” But that may have just been a backhanded complement, as in, you suck so bad but you sucked slightly less than usual.

And Simon’s complement “wasn’t enough to win her any new fans. It was no great shock that she became the first of the 12 finalists eliminated,” MSNBC’s Craig Berman says. So why did Ace end up in the bottom three? He argues it may have been because Ace was “singing first of the 12 performers, two hours before anyone could actually vote.”

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