Idol screwed up Mandisa’s phone number

Amid all of the Paula flirting with Ace excitement on American Idol 5 last night, there was perhaps an even more serious transgression. For a few moments during Mandisa’s performance last night, the phone number displayed on-screen was incorrect. Her name was also incorrect, as the on-screen graphic showed Taylor Hicks’ name and phone number.

The problem occurred, as The Pop Culture Petri Dish noticed and shows via screen caps, when Mandisa’s “name and number flashed across the screen, though over a random strip of violin footage from the orchestra rather than the traditional blue backdrop with the Cingular logo.”

Producers quickly corrected that error, but instead of replacing the orchestra shot with the Cingular background, they replaced the entire strip with Taylor’s. “Quickly, the Chyron dissolved back to Mandisa’s information (still over the violin) for just over a second before vanishing completely,” the blog notes.

Most curious, though, as The Pop Culture Petri Dish notes, was “why they couldn’t have corrected this mistake between the live broadcast on the East Coast and the West Coast broadcast.”

Subliminal Mess-Up [The Pop Culture Petri Dish]