Kevin Covais leaves Idol 5 despite DialIdol prediction, Vote for the Worst endorsement

Kevin Covais left American Idol 5 last night. But the biggest surprise was that, besides showing that voting grandmothers have less pull than teenagers, Kevin’s elimination proved a number of media darlings wrong.

Vote for the Worst endorsed Kevin, but clearly that didn’t generate enough votes to keep him on the show. The site jokes that his elimination may have been a conspiracy to prove them wrong: “Don’t you love how our picks always go out the week we get all of the publicity. I mean, that’s not fishy or anything, right?”

Kevin’s elimination also defied DialIdol’s predictions, as they showed him fourth from last, suggesting Elliott Yamin would go home. Elliott Yamin was not in the bottom three, but of the other three people its predictions placed in the bottom four, all three were in the real bottom three: Bucky Covington, Lisa Tucker, and Kevin Covais. The site’s predictions, though, were reversed, as it suggested that after Elliot, Lisa Tucker was the next-most vulnerable, followed by Bucky and then Kevin. In reality, it was the exact opposite.

Finally, Kevin’s ouster proved popular culture god and oft-quoted superhero Robert Thompson wrong. Yesterday, in one of the 3 million or so interviews he gave, the director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse told Newsday, “Kevin Covais is the reason to watch the show. He has the most interesting narrative. He’s the nice guy, the underdog that you want to win. The story gets a little complicated because he doesn’t sing as well as the others.”

And if Thompson is right about Kevin being “the underdog” that the audience wanted to succeed, that proves my theory about how viewers vote wrong, dammit.

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