DialIdol returns, predicts Elliott Yamin will be out tonight

DialIdol has returned, and the site now sports a new logo and a disclaimer that says “DialIdol.com and this web site are NOT affiliated in any way with FOX TV®, American Idol®, or FremantleMedia North America, Inc.” The site shut down last week after being threatened by FremantleMedia’s lawyers; the site’s owner writes, “I suppose FremantleMedia might chose to push the issue further but I hope not.”

DialIdol offers a software application that “uses your modem to speed dial votes for your favorite Idols” and then “measures the busy signal to determine which Idols are getting the most votes.” Then, “based on the results it can automatically direct your votes to one of your favorite Idols.”

In other words, if the voting lines of the contestants you like better than others aren’t busy enough, the application will call those people’s lines for you. The site’s server also aggregates all this data to predict which contestant had the fewest busy signals and thus may be voted out tonight. Here are the site’s results from last night; the number is that contestant’s “busy percentage”:

1. Taylor Hicks, 53.9734
2. Kellie Pickler, 52.4967
3. Chris Daughtry, 49.7977
4. Mandisa, 49.3474
5. Ace Young, 35.769
6. Katharine McPhee, 33.0961
7. Paris Bennett, 31.7413
8. Kevin Covais, 23.8291
9. Bucky Covington, 23.2832
10. Lisa Tucker, 21.124
11. Elliott Yamin, 13.1646

Predictions [DialIdol]