All-star season of The Surreal Life will feature a $100,000 competition

After the next, sixth season of The Surreal Life airs, the show will reunite its all-stars for a $100,000 competition.

The all-star season is called The Surreal Life: Fame Games, and the celebs will be eliminated one by one as they compete for $100,000. According to Variety, “Possible contests include ‘Red Carpet Fashion Showdown,’ ‘Paparazzi Hide-and-Seek,’ ‘Hotel Room Trash-a-thon’ and ‘What’s Charo Saying?'” The show will film in March and air “in late summer or early fourth quarter.”

Among those participating are Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ice, Brigitte Nielsen, Chyna, Pepa, C.C. DeVille, Emmanuel Lewis, and Traci Bingham. Alas, Verne Troyer is not yet mentioned.

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