Travis selects Sarah on The Bachelor 8’s finale

ER doctor Travis Stork had his pick of women from all over the country on The Bachelor 8, and he ended up with the one woman who was from his hometown. Travis picked Sarah Stone, saying, “The greatest irony is that you’re from Nashville because when I spend time with you I feel like I’m at home.” This was the expected outcome, as they were spotted together in Nashville back in January, and multiple sources indicated Travis would pick Sarah.

Travis didn’t propose to Sarah, instead giving her a ring on a necklace and saying, “The promise I do make is that I’m so excited to go back to Nashville and spend time with you and see where this relationship goes. And I want this to work.”

The Tennessean reports that, when Travis introduced the women to his family, they were all in Sarah’s camp, although “Stork’s older niece, Whitney, provided the lone dissenting vote — and much of the show’s comic relief — when she drew a picture of both women and indicated her preference for Moana by drawing a heart near her.”

Moana also thought it would be her, bawling in the limo, “I’m emotionally devastated. … At first I thought it was a joke. … This pain I’m experiencing right now is so intense that I just want to crawl back in my shell and just hide.”

‘Bachelor’ finds love in his own back yard [The Tennessean]